What’s the worst thing Lubbock drivers do? How much time do you have?

I have to laugh when I hear people complaining about driving in Lubbock.


I grew up in Los Angeles.

A few years ago after visiting L.A., where my amazing mom still lives, I flew into Lubbock late at night. I got into my car and was heading home, but for some reason was wide awake. I got on the Loop and drove around it two or three times because it was so relaxing.

No traffic. No sitting on a freeway so close to the car in front of me that I could read the small print on the license plate sticker.

It was wonderful.

For those of you who grew up here … the traffic is worse.

More people and cars equals more traffic.

When we sat down to brainstorm Lubbock Lights, the focus was on conservative commentary and opinion.

But we also wanted to have columns on other things we all talk about.

One of those is Driving In Lubbock.

Last month on my personal Facebook page, I asked  “What’s the worst thing Lubbock drivers do?”

I got answers … and answers … and answers.

Here are some of them (my comments are in parentheses)

  • “Driving on the Loop … heads up Lubbock, the right lane is for exiting and entering only! Merge people! #uugghh” (I love the hashtag!)
  • “OMG stop at yield signs when there is a clear merge lane. It’s there for a reason  … MERGE!”
  • “Number one has to be driving in the right lane of Loop 289 when other people are trying to exit and enter. The best part  comes when  the offender doesn’t even take the next exit, which would somewhat justify it. Nope, just moseying along almost daring you to cut them off. If you’re not exiting within the next quarter-to-half mile, #moveover.”
  •  “There are lane markers in intersections but drivers don’t stay in those! If two lanes turn left, stay in 2 lanes. Also, changing lanes without using turning signals. Ralls visitors etc. change lanes … no signal, but not their habit. NOTE: Ralls used as example of smaller town visitors.”
  • “Driving way too fast.”
  • “Complain about other drivers.”
  • “Thing? As in singular?”
  • “Run red lights.”
  • “Speeding in the rain, just speeding in the rain.” (if you have Gene Kelly in your head, you get it)
  • “Stop in the middle of the access road across from the on-ramp waiting for traffic to pass so they can get on the Loop.”
  • “They don’t use blinkers.”

There were some smart-aleck comments about drivers from New Mexico and, as much as we all appreciate our visitors from the west coming to spend money in our city, I’ve noticed when I see a driver do something egregious, many times I see an “Enchanting” license plate.

Anyway, all those Facebook posts proved that people love talking about Driving in Lubbock. So we’re going to follow up this initial column with some special guests over the next few weeks and, I hope, this becomes a great place to vent about Driving In Lubbock and learn about Driving In Lubbock.

So for now … stay out of the dang right lane on the Loop unless you’re exiting! And don’t run red lights. And use your blinkers. And slow down in the rain … and pray we get some rain so you can practice slowing down!

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