Why do I support President Trump? Let me count my reasons

It looks like President Trump will be a one-term president and it’s a tragedy too many Americans didn’t see in our president the great things I’ve seen these last four years.

Too many people thought he was too rough around the edges. Well, running a country and trying to return it to greatness is not a job for the faint of heart.

And too many people look at Trump supporters and wonder how could any of us vote for him?

Let me count my reasons while I hold out hope the election results change.

President Trump hit the ground running. His stamina is incredible. I hear about an important meeting or decision and then I hear about several more in the same day. Although the America First attitude may seem rude or selfish, we let other nations take advantage of us. He renegotiated things with our interests at heart and I like that.

He cut red tape. Red tape is a huge impediment and unnecessary. He took action. I might not always agree but I respect decisiveness.

I was very proud of him for telling the FDA to get on the ball and get a treatment approved for the coronavirus. They have a long history of languishing for years over a decision while people desperately hope for help. He also shut off some international travel early on in response to the virus, a move that was widely condemned.

I am proud of him for being boldly pro-life and supporting Christian values.

We have a booming economy. We have had hiring increases in every demographic. He understands the economy from an entrepreneur’s point of view and knows how to build opportunities and stimulate growth. He cut taxes to stimulate hiring and it worked. Having a job inspires hope.

He inspired patriotism. There is a huge silent majority who love this country and are grateful for our freedom and opportunities. His campaign ads, widely deleted by social media, were beautiful and inspiring. I am glad to be an American. There is nowhere else to go for the freedom and opportunity we have.

President Trump has endured constant, unrelenting, unfair, inaccurate criticism since taking office and did not let it slow him down. Yes, he has made some cringeworthy tweets. I forgive him. He has pointed out the “fake news” and it is true the news has been incredibly biased and unfair. Some people criticize and make fun of that, but I wonder what alternative he has.

He donates his salary to a different charity each month. Giving in secret is Christian charity, not drawing attention to the gift or the giver.

I am extremely impressed he’s earned four Nobel Peace Prize nominations for his efforts in the Middle East, efforts that some want to reverse.

  • First, he was nominated by Magnus Jacobsson, Swedish Parliamentarian, for encouraging an economic agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, after recommending they look at economic issues and common ground rather than getting bogged down in political differences.
  • Second, he was nominated by Norwegian lawmaker Tybring Gjedde, for the Abraham Accords, which Gjedde says, “is a game-changer that will turn the Middle East into a region of cooperation and prosperity.” Trump set the stage by making the United States independent of Arab oil, so they no longer have oil supplies to hold over us. He recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved our embassy to Jerusalem. Resulting agreements, Israel-Bahrain and with Sudan opened the way for a doubling of Arab nations that recognize Israel.
  • Third, he was nominated by a group of four Australian lawyers for his use of restraint in military engagements, beginning to withdraw unnecessary troops and rebuilding our military.
  • Fourth, he was nominated by Laura Huhtasaar, a Finnish European Parliament member, for encouraging, “dialogue and negotiations” between nations in conflict.

That shows his impressive negotiation skills, in difficult situations, in foreign countries, even as our news media makes fun of him and calls him crazy. Crazy like a fox.

Next, I appreciate his support of law and order. He is not tolerant of looting and property destruction, but he has allowed cities to self-rule. He believes in peace through strength in our military. When other countries see us as weak, lazy, hesitant, and gullible; we will be challenged, and we will not be up to the challenge. If they see us as too strong to challenge, we set the conditions for peace.

He has been keeping his promises, over the obstructionist strategies of the opposition.

Best of all, he cannot be bought.