We cannot stop mail-in voting, but it’s a terrible idea with so many opportunities for fraud

I’m very suspicious about mail-in voting. I’m suspicious about voter fraud, and about Democrats wanting mail-in voting so badly.

I remember the woman in Ohio who bragged she had voted multiple times for Obama. If voter fraud is rare, how is it possible the same person succeeded so many times? If you search “voter fraud” you will find instances of dead people voting are not unheard of. It’s a joke, but founded in truth, that people ask that after they die, they not be allowed to vote Democrat.

Vote “harvesting,” where the completed ballots are picked up and brought in by volunteers has been fraudulent. Ballots have been discarded or altered if they do not reflect the desired vote. I would never trust my ballot to a stranger.

In 2018, the Texas Attorney General investigated mailers sent out by the Texas Democrat Party to register voters that had the citizenship question already answered “yes” for them.

Automatic registration systems have registered people who were ineligible to vote and there does not seem to be much concern about this. Many thousands of non-citizens have voted across our country.

Volunteers have “assisted” elderly voters to cast their ballots and altered the person’s intent.

Just  a week or so ago, discarded ballots, some stolen from mailboxes were found in California. Franklin, Ohio sent nearly 50,000 ballots out to the wrong voters. Brooklyn had nearly 100,000 absentee ballots sent out with the wrong voter names on them.  Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, and Washington send ballots to all voters, increasing chances for misdirection, theft, or fraud.

Some states have pursued voter identification to reduce fraud. I do not know why this is not a federal law. We use ID cards to cash checks and conduct other personal business. I do not see obtaining one as a burden, and if it is, I do not see why we cannot remedy that. There is no need to jeopardize our elections.

Another problem with mail-in voting is some states plan to delay the results by weeks or more. This opens the door to opportunities for fraud. Ballots could be changed, discarded, forged, or submitted more than once. There are reports of ballots in unsecured drop boxes or warehouses. We would not allow this in a Homecoming Queen or Student Council election. It’s important the vote not be tinkered with. As in, the vote is close, so someone “finds” some uncounted ballots.

If there is anything lax in the delivery of mail-in ballots, the results are suspect. If they really are left at apartments where the resident has moved or left out for people to pick up, then multiple votes or forged votes are not just possible, but likely.

I recall  in the Bush vs. Gore presidential election, Democrats opposed counting the military vote. How can that be right? One might guess these would be overwhelmingly conservative votes. That would be why they did not want them counted. It’s not right that people defending our country do not have a guaranteed vote, but Democrats are pushing for illegal immigrants and felons to have the right to vote. One reason for not counting military votes is the person may be deployed in a remote location. We should find a way to receive these votes.

I do not want another mess like the Bush vs. Gore election, and this is beginning to look that way. Counting mail-in ballots may take weeks the way some states are setting it up. That should be illegal. This is a federal election, and say what you will about states’ rights, this is not a decision that individual states should make. If the delay lasts past January 20th, when a new president should be sworn in, Nancy Pelosi would be president in the interim.

We need to make at least these federal laws:

  • Stringent rules regarding the distribution of mail-in ballots and the receipt of completed ballots to reduce fraud.
  • Count military votes just as we would for any citizen.
  • Prove our identity to vote and have strict safeguards to ensure people vote only once.
  • Prevent voting by any individual using more than one method, using more than one name, or in more than one state. One vote!
  • The vote needs to be counted immediately, no delays. We should know the next day who the president is.

Democrats are flailing about on the voting issue like fish on a line. They want mail-in voting, but they do not want votes to be verified or for people to prove their identity before they vote. They do not want Electoral College because Electoral College guarantees that states with small populations have a fair voice in the election. A count of the popular vote would be dominated by New York and California because of their large populations and they are desirable for Democrats because they are Democrat strongholds. They do not want a new conservative Supreme Court justice because the Supreme Court may have a role in settling the vote, among other reasons. They want felons and illegal immigrants to vote because their votes can be influenced by hand-outs. They want to be in power so badly and the ends justify the means. I do not think it is at all unreasonable to suspect fraudulent practices in this vote.

I intend to vote in person, with my ID. Democrats are saying voting is a health risk. This is so funny for them to be in the uncomfortable and unfamiliar job of protecting health and life when they promote death in health care rationing and abortion. No, I am voting in person and at least I will fill out my own vote. It is no more dangerous than shopping for groceries or getting my hair done.

The following links provided some of the information for my concern and note, some are from sources considered conservative media, but many are not: