Vote to save lives starting Monday

Jim Baxa wrote this piece in 2019. Since then, a measure to outlaw abortion in Lubbock is on the May 1 ballot and early voting begins Monday, April 19.

Lubbock should be a sanctuary city. No, I’m not talking about immigration. I am talking about abortion. Lubbock should be a sanctuary city for the unborn. This simply means murder will be prosecuted in Lubbock, no matter the age, and our government will protect the unborn babies. This would mean an unborn baby would be treated equally to a child who has already been born as we were all created in God’s image.

Liberals have long resisted the federal laws on immigration at the state or city level.  Even though the Constitution of these United States of America clearly assigns the federal government to deal with immigration (and not much more), liberals have openly defied federal immigration laws.  In contrast, the Constitution clearly leaves abortion to the states and to the people.  Neither abortion, murder, nor healthcare are mentioned in the Constitution of these United States of America.  There is complete silence on these issues.  Therefore, the 10th Amendment to the Constitution leaves that power to the state and to the people.

“All powers not delegated to the united States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

We can clearly see Texas has the authority to deal with abortion as we see fit.  It’s long past time we take this authority and do something to protect the unborn. Lubbock can be a sanctuary where the unborn are not at risk of dying.  Lubbock can be a safe space for these little children.

While Texas has so far refused to act in making the entire state a sanctuary for the unborn, the Texas legislature has specifically declared cities and counties do have the right to become such sanctuaries for the unborn.  This year, the Texas legislature passed SB22, which deals with denying funding to Planned Parenthood.  Rep Jonathan Stickland R-Bedford, added amendment number 23 to the bill, which states, “This chapter may not be construed to restrict a municipality or county from prohibiting abortion.”  This amendment passed in a nearly party line vote with two pro-abortion Republicans voting no (Sarah Davis of the Houston area and Ken King of West Texas).  This bill was signed into law by Gov Greg Abbott on June 7th, 2019.

Already, one Texas city has jumped up to declare itself to be a sanctuary city for the unborn.  Waskom unanimously passed an ordinance and a resolution on June 11th declaring Waskom to be a sanctuary city for the unborn.  They boldly declared to the nation “Here we will no longer murder our babies.”  They jumped to action because of a rumor a Shreveport, Louisiana abortion clinic might move to Waskom due to Louisiana’s Democrat governor signing a bill making Louisiana’s pro-life laws much stronger than Texas’ laws, as the Texas legislature has failed to step up.

Lubbock is also concerned about the possibility of having an abortion clinic move into town.  Planned Parenthood has declared they are going to open two new abortion clinics in West Texas.  One of those is being built in El Paso and Lubbock might be the second city.  We need to take action to prevent this from happening.  We need to declare ourselves to be the second sanctuary city for the unborn in Texas.

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