This election comes down to freedom and Democrats want to take yours away

When I choose someone to vote for, I choose someone who shares my values: faith, life, freedom, strength, hope. I know I will not agree with every decision that person makes. I also know I do not have access to all the facts of any decision. The public will never know everything we would need to know to make that decision ourselves. I choose people I believe have our country’s best interests at heart and I must trust they make those decisions with our best interests in mind.

When President Trump won the election, I expected some people to be unhappy, but I never dreamed we would have a four-year, two-year-old temper tantrum. They’re scared to death they won’t be able to advance their plans for  Big Daddy Government to supply your every need.

If I were assigned to a committee with people I do not agree with, I would settle in with whatever task was at hand and brainstorm solutions. I would treat the other committee members with respect and I am sure that on most counts we could come up with agreeable solutions. Liberals struggle with that because they are so assured their worldview is correct and the rest of us not living on the elite coasts are ignorant.

This election comes down to freedom and respect.

My parents taught me not to give in to bullies because they always want more. If we reward their behavior by trying to appease them, we can expect more violence and more childish tantrums.

Democrats love to bully those who disagree.

And they’re also weak bullies. We’ve seen them bowing to foreign leaders, allowing takeovers of our cities. In this area, Democrats are incredibly weak. Rioting, arson, and looting in our cities makes the Democratic mayors look bad. I guess they thought it made them look like great civil rights leaders.  If Trump sends in help, the mob suddenly pretends to calm down, so it looks like his fault. The hypocrisy of hiring their own security at the expense of taxpayers while their people suffer!

Democrats want to run your life. They want to control your health and finances. If they take all your money in taxes, then you are dependent on them. If they hold the keys to your survival, you are dependent on them. They want to do away with the police, so you are helpless. They want to weaken the military. They want to take away your guns so you can’t defend yourself and prosecute you if you try. They want to rewrite our history and brainwash our children.

The Electoral College was established to even the playing field. Wyoming and California and New York do not have the same needs, but California and New York have the largest populations. If we go by popular vote, New York and California will always get what they want and the rest of us will suffer. Democrats hope those heavily populated states will always vote Democrat. Young people are deliberately not taught this. If Democrats do away with the Electoral College, we will never have a fair election again.

They want to open the borders and give immigrants the vote. When they promise the moon in benefits and freebies, they will buy those votes. With our money. Don’t think for a minute billionaires can pay for all of that. It makes me wonder why Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are on board? Do they think they will be exempt? No, we will all pay until we are destroyed. Don’t try saving cash for the lean years ahead either. They will just change our currency and our old currency will no longer be legal tender.

They are offering communism. Not socialism. A complete takeover is what they want. I must wonder what they expect to gain. The Hollywood types who are so vocally advocating communism will have to pay up too. It will not just be something that effects the little fish or the big fish, their incomes will be leveled too. They will have to take rationed health care too. They will pay huge taxes too.

A friend of mine thinks everyone gets to eat under Communism. Look again. In North Korea, Kim Jong Un just ordered the military to confiscate all dogs. The liberal media did the best they could with this, making it look like a desperate effort to feed the poor. Their poor eat dogs. The elite had dogs as pets. I do not think Kim Jong Un was moved by compassion. I think he saw a way to remind the elite in his country that they are not above his oppression. That is a tragedy all the way around. The poor loyal animals. The heartbroken families, the desperate hungry poor people. Our poor are so much better off.

Do the Democrats think there will be enough room at the top for all their elite? Do they realize if we have no military, no police, no personal resources to secure our own safety and all of our personal information easily accessible on government computers, we are ripe for an easy takeover by a communist country? They are jealous of our freedom and contemptuous of our cocky independence. How they would love to take over a beautiful country like ours, brimming with natural resources and make us all suffer. I am sure they are watching with glee.

Wacky conspiracy theories? People have ignored evil in other countries and allowed it to flourish.

Haven’t Democrats noticed people from other countries run here? East Germans risked their lives to climb the wall in Berlin, knowing they were in plain sight of sharpshooters. North Koreans escape to the South, countries around Russia fight to remain independent. The Chinese in Hong Kong struggle to stay free. Venezuela is in shambles. Democrats want to rule our country so much that they are willing to sacrifice it to ruin.

If we were taken over by another country, do you think they would exalt our former leaders who made our country weak and sold us out? I do not think so. I know they severely punish traitors. I cannot imagine people who sold out their own country would be high on the pardon list. They will be so sorry, but it will be too late.

Once everything is gone, it will be too late. We can’t afford to believe this is innocuous. They want to control our money. They want to control our health. They want to control our country and the ends justify the means. The people in other countries who see America as their last hope fear the results.

So if you can’t stand some of the things our president does, go ahead and vote Democrat. But when you complain later about your freedoms being taken away I’ll tell you I told you so … if we’re allowed to have those discussions.