Leaving First Lady out of photo is a bunch of crop

A recent wonderful photo of four past presidents and three first ladies at First Lady Barbara Bush’s funeral, went viral on the Internet. The Lubbock County Democratic Party posted the photo without a cutline. But First Lady Melania Trump was cropped out.  Leo Flores, vice chair of the Lubbock County Democrats told KCBD it was “an honest mistake.”  OK, we’ll take them at their word it was an honest mistake … we all make them. 

But not everyone extended grace as the story, like the photo, went viral:

From the N.Y. Post:  Texas Dem group crops Melania out of viral presidents photo

From the Daily Mail in England:  Spot the difference? Texas Democrat group crops Melania out of THAT viral photo featuring the four former presidents and first ladies at Barbara Bush’s funeral

From chicksonright.com: How petty can you GET?Texas Democrats cropped Melania out of a group photo




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