What is Shelley Luther hiding?

What is Shelley Luther hiding?

Nothing, according to Shelley Luther; let’s make that clear at the outset. We talked with the beauty shop operator turned Senate District 30 aspirant today, just eight days before the special election.

Luther answered with no hesitation a question about whether she’d ever been fired from a public school district. “No,” she said.

We asked if she’d been involved in any inappropriate conduct while an educator. Again, Luther answered directly, “No.”

But when we asked if she would release her employment records, a request which would corroborate her answers, she stumbled, “I’ll have to ask my team about that.”

Luther, who has no legislative experience, has played on her background as an educator. This, and the fact her time as an educator is her only public service, makes her record as an employee of several public school districts fair play for questions from voters and opponents alike.

Is Shelley Luther hiding something? Yes, until and unless she authorizes their release, she’s hiding the complete release of her personnel records as an educator.

As one of 31 votes, a Texas state senator wields tremendous power and influence. It’s appropriate any candidate for that high office be thoroughly vetted.

Authorizing release of all records of public employment is one aspect of that and we call for candidate Luther to authorize the release of her records without delay or dissembling.

Anything we might learn is probably too late to influence the outcome of this election. But what Luther can be certain of, is these questions will not go away and the longer her employment records remain concealed from the voters the more questions will be asked.

Senate District 30 encompasses all or part of fourteen counties northwest of Dallas/Fort Worth and includes the communities of Wichita Falls, Denton, Sherman and Weatherford. Other candidates include Craig Carter, Andy Hopper, Jacob Minter, State Representative Drew Springer and Denton Mayor Chris Watts.