I’m a proud West Texas Republican and shocked by True Texas Project’s insulting tone at meeting, later directly from its CEO

I’ve been actively involved with the Lubbock County Repulican Party for a number of years now. I support America’s conservative values … such as limited government involvement, values of faith and family, free-enterprise spirit and its Pro-Life mission.

While campaigning for President Trump and our state and local legislators last year, I got elected as one of the precinct chairmen for the Lubbock GOP and also as a national delegate to the Republican National Convention. I believe this was God’s way of encouraging my work for our awesome political party.

I am originally from India and have been blessed to be an American.

I am originally from India and have been blessed to be an American. God’s greatest blessing is to have been born in the United States of America. It doesn’t get better than this! I wish I was born in the USA; I would have conquered the world by now :).  This is because our great America provides us with a platform where anyone who works hard and is law abiding, can achieve anything. Another vital component of America is its great people. Americans are extremely welcoming and within a short span of time they make you “one of their own.” This is just amazing and beautiful. The tolerance I’ve experienced with the American people I’ve found nowhere else. God bless them!

India is the world’s largest democracy of 1.5 billion people who support life. So, culturally, by faith, and by personality, I am a Pro-Life person. So, when I got a chance to support our Lubbock/West Texas Pro-Life movement, via the Conservative Action Network (CAN) and Project Destiny, I was excited. Recently, I was thrilled to be a part of March For Life here in Lubbock. Through this noble initiative, I started feeling a sense of calling. I prayed about it continuously and finally, I felt that God spoke to me and was telling me to fight for the cries of the unborn babies. The best way that I can do this, along with supporting CAN, and other entities, is to run for Lubbock mayor in 2022. I know if God has given me this vision, He will give me the provision as well.

On February 8th, from my fellow Republicans, I learned there was an entity in town (True Texas Project or TTP) that would be speaking about Pro-Life and conservative issues. I had no idea who these people were. However, I decided to attend this event as some of my CAN colleagues were going. When I went in there, they had us fill out a registration form. Prior to the speeches, local politicians/candidates were invited on stage to speak for 30 seconds each. I volunteered and shared with the attendees my goal of running for mayor in 2022 primarily due to the Pro-Life mission and with a goal of making Lubbock a sanctuary city for the unborn.  Everyone cheered which made me feel encouraged. I went back and took my seat amongst the attendees waiting to listen to the actual speakers.

I was appalled by the negativity these speakers started using.

We were told these three TTP speakers were former Texas legislators. Each of them spoke for around 30 minutes or so. Just like any other politician, these men seemed effective public speakers. However, as the speeches went on, I was appalled by the negativity these speakers started using. They told the gathering that our current local legislators and Republican leaders did “not like us,” they “hated us.” One of the speakers even called out the name of our current legislator and started belittling him. None of our current legislators were present as they were in Austin/D.C. attending their legislative sessions.

The tone, the language these TTP leaders used was very demeaning and condescending towards our leaders here. It was quite sad and shocking. It felt as if these TTP speakers were here under some hidden agenda to provoke our residents against our own leaders. I did not appreciate their content a bit. Anyhow, I did not want to be reactive  as we in West Texas are civilized people and are hospitable toward our guests. Hence, just like any other classy Republican I waited for the event to end and left the hall right after.

By the way, even as a citizen and a constituent (before even I became a national delegate and a precinct chair), I have had a great experience with our current GOP leaders and legislators. Every time I have approached them, they have and their teams have gone above and beyond to help me out. Therefore, speaking from experience, they have all delivered their promises and have worked extremely hard to keep Lubbock and West Texas conservative and Red. Anyhow, after the TTP event I was still standing in the entrance hall visiting with other attendees. I noticed one of the TTP speakers was going to each sub-group (by the entrance) and saying  negative things about our current leaders. It was shocking!  He was name calling, calling them “worse,” and so on. I’d had enough so I finally left.

I’d had enough so I finally left.

The following day I got a routine email from TTP’s CEO about subscribing with them. I emailed her back requesting she take my name off of the list as I was no longer comfortable. She seemed surprised and asked me the reason. I told her I did not appreciate how the three TTP speakers tried to defame our current leaders (in their absence) and recommended that TTP’s future events in Lubbock might not be appreciated as people here really like their existing leaders. She probably did not like my truthful response so she sent me an unpleasant email and said other attendees did not have the same viewpoint as mine. So, I sent her a link to a Lubbock Lights article written by another attendee, Carl Tepper. Here’s that link: True Texas Project: The Purge (political edition).

In her response she denied everything this article stated. Here is the correspondence between us  (directly from that email thread):

CEO’s response:
“That’s the article I referenced at the meeting full of lies and assumptions.  It’s all made up. He never asked any questions or interviewed anyone. So much is wrong. We weren’t sent by anyone. He misnamed the group he claims sent us. My husband isn’t the founder. We aren’t pushing Texit. I could go on and on. You are quite gullible if you believe editorials from liberals. Good grief. You are not mayor material. Please don’t come back to our meetings until you’re ready to learn.”

My response:
“Ma’am … I have no intentions to attend any of your meetings. Whether I’m a mayor material or not, that’s up to the residents of Lubbock (which, fortunately, you are not one), and for God to decide. We are classic Republicans so, I won’t stoop down to your level with my language. Still, I forgive you. God bless.”

‘You’re an arrogant piece of work. Good to know. I’ll spread the word.’

CEO’s response:
“LOL … you’re an arrogant piece of work.  Good to know! I’ll spread the word. No forgiveness needed. You can keep it.”


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