Now that we’ve somewhat opened, if you’re not wearing a mask, please put one on

Wear a mask. Let’s not screw this up.

Can’t find one? Don’t want to be bothered? Your rights are infringed?

Excuse me, but have you always been this stupid or did you get your undergrad degree in stupidity?

Were you in the crowd at Buffalo Springs Lake last weekend for the Village Idiots Convention?

If you did, were you in the crowd at Buffalo Springs Lake last weekend for the Village Idiots Convention? And I just loved the response of lake officials who said they were taken by surprise. How can you be taken by surprise when you regulate how many people can come in?

There are many reasons to think we no longer need to worry about the coronavirus in Lubbock County.

  • Numbers in Lubbock County are down. Thank God!
  • Eighty-eight percent of the more than 40 deaths have been from nursing homes, so as tragic as that is, the threat to most of us out day to day is not as serious. (I kept hearing almost all the deaths were from nursing homes, but made a public records request to get the 88 percent number.)
  • It’s a conspiracy to take away our freedoms … or discredit President Trump … or discredit the woman who said Joe Biden sexually harassed her … orĀ  discredit Sneezy of Seven Dwarfs fame who infected Snow White and that’s why she’s sleeping.

I understand the frustration with the City of Lubbock shutting businesses down and the financial stress people have endured.

Maybe if officials knew now what they knew then, actions would have been different.

Maybe the Lubbock Safe plan for businesses would have been where we started.

The city had to back off plans after Gov. Greg Abbott recently announced the state’s phased plans to reopen Texas.

Lubbock was going to open more businesses, but mandate what they had to do to open.

So the city switched gears and created the Lubbock Safe program. If businesses agreed to follow guidelines to operate as safely as possible, they would be included on a list.

It may not have been what the city was planning to do, but I think it’s a great solution.

Government does best when it takes the educated resources it has and sets standards … but stops short of edicts.

Government does best when it takes the educated resources it has and sets standards … but stops short of edicts.

It allows us to practice freedom with input on best practices.

And if you’re ticked off at the state’s plan to re-open … have you read it? It’s long, but well-reasoned.

So wear a mask.

As I said recently, I’ll do business with companies that are taking this seriously. My suggestion was businesses should do this on their own because their owners are responsible people … not because government is shoving it down their throats.

I think the majority of Lubbock businesses are doing this.


Because if we’re not careful and responsible, this could spike again.

Remember … it’s spread by people being close together. You can have it and not know you have it.

Whether we like it or not, part of the reason coronavirus is on the decline is the city forced us to stay apart.

If we don’t mix freedom with responsibility …

And if we don’t mix freedom with responsibility because too many of us blow this off … the impact could be much worse than what we’ve already seen.

What happens if Texas Tech can’t bring students back to campus? What if we can’t play football in Jones AT&T Stadium?

So wear a mask at least through May and June and then let’s see how we’re doing.

The slight majority of the coronavirus cases in Lubbock County are people under the age of 50. All deaths are people 50 and older .,, with the bulk of them 70 and older.

So if you want to party with your friends and contact the virus, you may suffer, but you should recover. But before you know you have it, what if you infect your parents and grandparents?

How you gonna feel at their funeral?

Like a murderer? You should, because you would be.

So wear a mask.

So wear a mask.

I was impressed when Costco said you must have a mask to shop there as of May 4.

No problem. I keep a bag with a mask, gloves, a bag of wipes and a little bottle of hand sanitizer when I’m out.

I asked the Costco greeter if they’d had blowback and she said yes.

Shame on you if you chew out a company for being responsible.

So get, then wear, a mask.

Most people I saw shopping earlier this week were not wearing a mask. And I’m amazed how many people can’t count to six … as in six feet. The Police song “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” keeps playing in my head.

I don’t like carrying my little coronavirus kit around. I don’t like how the mask steams up my glasses when I’m trying to read a label. But it’s the right thing to do. And even if you feel it isn’t … what’s the harm in wearing one when out in public for a month or two?

After the debacle at Buffalo Springs Lake, officials shut it down.

If cases and deaths rebound, we risk even more government control. And the more government feels they have to control us … well, do I really need to explain it further comrade?

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