Lubbock County Expo Center: We will answer all questions before early voting

As Chairman of the Lubbock County Expo Center Steering Committee (LCEC), and I’d like to take the time to point out a few key factors about our project – and in reflection of a recent Lubbock Lights article

First, I’d like to commend Lubbock Lights on putting the discussion before you. The LCEC supports a full and active public dialogue about this project. We believe the project and the way it will be implemented will stand the test of public scrutiny.

No government involvement.

What’s most important is that this project – and its long-term management – IS DIFFERENT. It is different in its organization and its commitment from the very beginning to be independent of the county budget.

Learning from the management of past facilities, we will have in place a 501(c)3 Board of members who are stakeholders in our community. Their sole focus is to plan, design, build and ultimately oversee the long-term maintenance and operation of this project. Board members will serve for specified terms. There will be no lifetime appointments.

By entrusting the management to a non-profit board of directors, we guarantee there will be NO government involvement, and NO increase in property taxes. Period.

We will make that announcement prior to Early Voting.

Significant progress has been made in the endowment and selling of naming rights to insure the taxpayer will never become liable for ongoing maintenance and operation cost.

The community has a tremendous curiosity – and rightly so – as to what this venue will cost, and where it will be located. We will make that announcement prior to Early Voting.

We are on schedule and will deliver this information on time. A well-planned conversation with committees like rodeo and livestock have taken place to be sure we’re building the right facility. Additionally, a review of other similar facilities has been conducted to be sure we build the right size.

Early voting begins Oct. 22

Currently, we are reviewing numbers from prospective builders and proposals on properties suitable for this facility. And we are now in the final stages of making the right decision and we will announce that decision  prior to early voting.

Voters can go to any United Supermarkets beginning Oct. 22 to vote YES for Proposition A, the Lubbock County Expo Center project. Election Day is Nov. 6.

We believe when you see the result of the thoughtful work of this committee you will agree on the need and on the solution we will present.

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