If latest government shutdown happens, what if a lot of the nanny government never came back?

So the federal government is on the verge of shutting down … again.

Excuse me if I’m not losing sleep.

I used to visit Washington D.C. on business at least once  a year. During many of those trips, I drove down the Mall. I’d look at building after building after building and wondered about all the federal employees in those numerous buildings.

Do we really need all this government?

No, we don’t.

I realize there are important services people need that would be delayed if the government shuts down today.

But how much of it could go away forever and it would not affect our daily lives?

A lot.

When I was editor of the Avalanche-Journal and papers before that, we’d get letters and emails from groups  wanting editorial support when they were worried about losing funding  … mostly at the state level.  If the funding was cut, this wouldn’t get done, that wouldn’t get done and people would suffer.

Somewhere between the founding of this country and today we’ve slipped from a limited government of the people to a government that must take care of people.

And if we don’t sympathize with that we’re heartless conservatives.

No … we’re just people who want a country that’s closer to the original plan and not a socialist nanny state.

There are many important government services … there’s also too much government.

So if the nanny has to go on leave for awhile, excuse me if I don’t panic.