I like rich people … how dare Democrats demonize them

I like rich people.

I like seeing the places they go and life they live. I can experience these things vicariously through them. I have no desire to live that way myself but seeing them expands my world.

I like the fact we all have the chance to be successful in America. It’s the American Dream to have freedom and possibilities. I like the example successful people set – that people with innovative ideas can be rewarded for them.

Most rich people have been entrepreneurs, inventors, savvy investors, shrewd businesspeople. We can learn from them. Think of all the timesavers we use in everyday life we owe to big thinkers. The telephone, electric lights, the computer, surgeries, efficient farming practices and so on.

If I have a special project, I can usually find someone successful to sponsor it.

If the government takes away all the wealth from the American people, then the government will only provide what they see fit.

If the government takes away all the wealth from the American people, then the government will only provide what they see fit. There will be limited freedom to have my own causes and pursue them. For example, causes to do with treating animals humanely may go to the wayside unless the government deems them fit to support.

For some reason it seems good to some people to take money away from rich people and give it to everyone else. I read somewhere if they took all the money billionaires have in the U.S., it would run the country about nine months. And then there would be no billionaires. Then we could go down the scale until no one is wealthy. Jealousy would not pay off though. Thousands of jobs would be lost. And there would no longer be the possibility we could become financially successful ourselves.

There is a powerful classroom exercise that addresses socialism. The teacher asks the class if everyone would like to earn the same grade regardless of their abilities or effort.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!

So the teacher will average the grades and they will all get the same grade. None will fail but none will get As.

Before, the hard-working and talented students made As and the students who were not as talented earned Cs and the unmotivated failed.

But they all get averaged and all make Cs. After a while, the A students learn everyone gets the same grade anyway so all but the very most driven begin to slack off. The C students learn they will get a passing grade with little or no effort and the failing students, no longer failing, don’t have to work at all. The students may get a C on their first test, then a D on the second one and finally an F. There was no reward for putting in an effort and now there is no effort.

You may point out I said no one would fail. That’s right, I lied.  The Democrats are lying too. Socialism would cause our economy to collapse the same way this classroom will.

I wouldn’t want students like that to repair the plane I am about to board or do the quality checks on my food. I wouldn’t want them performing surgery or planning highways. Why not? Because they had an incentive in school to be mediocre.

Incentives are powerful.

Incentives are powerful. I asked a class once whether they would expect to keep their money if they worked hard and took chances to earn it, and they all said yes. They all thought a 90 percent tax was unfair if it was to be levied on them. High taxes stifle innovation and creativity. If there is no reward, doctors will not put in the effort and expense of medical school. At least not the good doctors. Of course, part of the goal of Medicare For All is we can save money by reducing the use of innovative practices and the development of innovations in the future.

An intelligent colleague of mind said she was jealous of another employer’s group insurance. She said if we could make them give up just a little bit of their benefits, we could all have good insurance. I told her I had thought about the same thing but had a different take on it, why couldn’t we all join forces and get a better plan for both groups? Why do some people think robbing from someone else is a good idea? Why is robbing someone else the first thing Democrats think of?

I added that, as someone who had worked both sides of that fence, my former coworkers stood by watching my current group get annual raises, when their 3 percent raise took seven years to come. But being jealous of the other group would just jeopardize what they have and not benefit us at all.

Our presidential candidates are careful to set the boundaries of these high-income tax groups above their own millions, but as the pools of income dry up, the reach for tax money will be deeper. Some candidates insist the middle class will not have a tax increase, but it’s unrealistic to imagine we can insure everyone without an increase.

If we wage war on rich people, our losses will be huge.

If we wage war on rich people, our losses will be huge. It will destroy our hope that one day our dreams and efforts will pay off. It will reduce the quality of our professional workforce. It will disincentivize our desire to be well-educated and pursue a career. It will reduce our ability to support causes we know are important. It will make our lives more colorless and monotonous because we will all be the same. It will destroy the “American Dream” because we will not have the freedom to pursue our interests and the causes we are passionate about. We will have to accept poor quality in our goods and services.

I like rich people. I like to see them out traveling and having fun.

More power to them, I wouldn’t even know about those possibilities if not for them. Let them earn money on the innovations they have introduced to us, I’m grateful for them and I’ll enjoy them. Let them use their money on philanthropy of their own choice, they will do much better than our government can do. And the variety of causes they pursue will give us all avenues to join in and give too. Let the doctors and scientists receive their earnings, they are doing jobs that I can’t or won’t do and I am glad they are paid for it.

There is a method to the madness. The Democrats are following Saul Alinsky, radical thinker and aggressive “community organizer.”

Many people in the Democrat party have ties to him including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Alinsky suggests selecting an enemy for people to demonize and rally around. It doesn’t have to be a real target. Then turn up the pressure and demand change so the government can step in and take over.

The Democrats have, however, selected too many “enemies.” Witness the brainwashing over healthcare, Donald Trump, climate, abortion, immigration, the Second Amendment, rich people, men, and white people.

To name a few.

I hate to bring up Hitler again, his name has been used so many times for so many ridiculous issues that it has lost its impact. But Hitler got his way by demonizing Jewish people. He blamed all the problems of Germany on them until it caused widespread hatred and cost the lives of millions of innocent people.

I wish the Democrat Party would stop all the whining and crying over the loss of the election and get busy doing something good for this country. They have forgotten what they were elected for. They are spending all their waking hours planning ways to turn over the election results half the country voted for, wasting the money we are paying them. It is beyond ridiculous.