Governor’s Lubbock event is opportunity for those of us who love Texas Tech to make some points about our expectations for its future

Some people are going to Governor Greg Abbott’s event in Lubbock tonight.

Some who originally planned to go are not.

And we all know why.

Robert Duncan should still be chancellor of the Texas Tech University System.

He’s one of the most respected public figures in Lubbock, the region and the state and we’re disappointed in how his “retirement” was handled.

But it’s a done deal and we wish Tedd Mitchell well is stepping in as interim. He’s been a respected leader of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

But back to tonight.

Go or don’t?

Greg Abbott will win re-election, be the governor of Texas for the next four years and he should.  He has led on many important issues from school safety to property tax reform to standing up for our shared values.  Nothing that’s happened with Chancellor’s Duncan’s departure changes that.

We understand and respect the people who are not going.

For the people who are going, see this as an opportunity to  let the governor know that his supporters in the Hub City want a vet school and regents who live in Lubbock.

While this may not provide the immediate satisfaction of a good thumbing of the nose, this better helps advance the ball. Robert Duncan is the consummate statesman and has a reputation of putting the region’s interests ahead of his own.  For all of those who admire the man, ask yourself what he would do in this situation?

Many people will be there tonight advocating for a vet school and regents who live in Lubbock.  And some will be wearing this lapel pin.