France should know freedom means freedom … even when it’s uncomfortable speech

How do you say “snowflake” in French?

Flocon de neige.

Well, the following leaves me saying sacre bleu!

According to a Reuters story, a member of the French parliament wants mockery of accents outlawed.

This came after a French politician  was asked a question  about an anti-corruption investigation of his hard-left political party.

Jean-Luc Melenchon, the article said, mimicked the journalist’s accent and said: “Has anyone got a question in more or less comprehensible French?”

OK … Melenchon is a jerk.

After four decades as a journalist, I don’t like it when politicians or anyone tries to bully a journalist.  And it’s only getting worse with boorish examples from the White House, Congress and hateful spewing on the Internet.

I’ve been bullied by a California governor and numerous others. Didn’t like it. Didn’t back down either.

Whether or not you like questions journalists ask, in a free country, public officials have to be accountable … even if they don’t like it.

(By the way President Trump and others … I’m available anytime to come to Washington  to  show you how to treat the media and how it will benefit you. Trust me, I’m a professional.)

Meanwhile, back to France.

So Melenchon is a jerk.

But once we start outlawing speech … even rude speech … we start down a path that’s unacceptable.

Same thing with my friends who are fervent Second Amendment defenders.  Any move to outlaw a weapon is seen as going down an unacceptable path.

Same thing here.

France  has been called the “cradle of liberty.” Don’t let the  flocon de neiges kill that  history.

Also … start showing some appreciation for the country across the Atlantic that saved your butt in World War II.

And don’t tell me French cuisine is better than Texas barbecue.



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