Author of N.Y. Times essay is not anonymous, but confidential … that’s just beginning of reasons we should not trust author or Times

If the New York Times does not know the difference between an anonymous source and a confidential source, then perhaps it cannot be trusted with either one.That’s what this really comes down to. Trust. On September 5, the Yellow Lady (did I get the color right?) published what it called an anonymous Op-Ed essay. This is … Continued

Frat chat: Curtailing free speech is more dangerous than despicable, terrible, horrible stupid things people say

By now you might have seen the AJ Plus (an online news and current events channel run by Al Jazeera Media Network)  video on Facebook in which student Anissa Garcia calls for the expulsion of those involved in the so-called frat chat. The Cocaine Cowboy (Kyle Mitchell) and others wrote detestable comments about people who came … Continued

Attack the fallacy, but leave the person in one piece, please  

Maybe it’s time to be skeptical of the skeptics. Drew, the Genetically Modified Skeptic, posted a video on YouTube in which he debunks certain comments of Amani Al-Khatahtbeh (seen in photo above).  The title of his video is: Muslim Feminist Accidentally Discredits Islam. Drew McCoy (who normally just goes by the name Drew) is a … Continued

The Great Dallas ‘America is a Christian Nation’ Billboard War: Are the people claiming to be victims the real victims?

Just exactly who is oppressing whom in Dallas these days?  My choices are the mayor of Dallas, Mike Rawlings, or a Dallas pastor, Robert Jeffress (see above in photo). Mayor Rawlings constructively denied Pastor Jeffress his right to free speech by way of tortuous interference, but we are led to believe that somehow Rawlings is … Continued