Worthless kids … or, how do you like my pickup now?

Several months ago some kids moved-in up the block and they’ve been zooming up and down the boulevard in pickups with loud mufflers ever since. It’s a genuine hazard. I’m not sure what to do about it. Worthless kids. You know the type. You can’t call the police over these things; it’s too much to … Continued

No county transparency demands a NO vote on Prop A

It was December of 2016 when State Senator Charles Perry addressed Lubbock County Commissioners about the need to improve Woodrow Road. Perry came armed with suggestions on how to fund the improvements necessary to make Woodrow Road safer. The commissioners politely ignored the senator and instead voted to spend $6 million, more than enough to … Continued

Is Lubbock County going broke?

The short answer is, yes; if Lubbock County continues spending at the same rate as the last four years we will be broke, bankrupt, in a year. The numbers don’t lie. According to the latest figures from outside auditors, in the last four years Lubbock County’s unrestricted reserves have shrunk by 75 percent. In 2014 … Continued

Constable Barnes’ antics reach new heights … and depths

It is easy to make fun of constables who parade around the county costumed like Third World dictators. There’s no doubt, their antics on the highways are exciting, albeit expensive to the county. But Constable Jody “Barney” Barnes has taken the entertainment to new heights. Helicopter heights. Barnes became the first Lubbock County law enforcement … Continued

Commissioner message to voters: Let them eat crow!

Sheriff Kelly Rowe’s revelation last week that county commissioners have demanded he cut $2.53 million from last year’s $15.285 million budget may not have been the biggest shock of the week, but it in terms of ill-motives, it may rank as the outrage of the year. Six weeks into the budget process the sheriff was … Continued