Lessons from last week’s Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford circus? Women should be heard, but it doesn’t mean all those accused are guilty

Thoughts about last week’s circus with Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh. Watching social media about this is frustratingly predictable. Friends who I know are liberal or conservative, with little exception, believe one or the other based on their political beliefs. Understood. … can any of you prove your belief is the truth about what … Continued

Running a few minutes late? Not at all, because we live in the Lubbock Standard Time Zone where time will tell we’re having the time of our life

Lubbock needs new welcome signs. It’s not enough to inform drivers they are entering Lubbock. They don’t just need to know our population size as they speed into town. They must be warned when they enter our city, they also enter the Lubbock Standard Time Zone. Here’s the thing: Lubbock runs 10 minutes late. Here’s … Continued

Moms doing important work of raising their kids need a break and support every now and then … MOPS, a faith-based support group is there to help

One of the presents first-time moms often receive is a little “milestones” calendar. It comes with stickers that celebrate things like, “Baby’s First Smile,” or “Baby’s First Tooth.” Modern editions have added ones like, “Baby Slept Through the Night,” showing the makers of these things are beginning to think like parents. But they need to … Continued

West Texas has seats at the table when it comes time to finish crafting a Farm Bill to ensure a strong, viable ag sector for West Texas and rural America

Now that the House and Senate have passed their respective versions of the Farm Bill, a bipartisan “conference committee” made up of both House and Senate members has been established to work out the differences between the two and send a final version to the president’s desk. Our mission is straightforward and clear: to establish … Continued

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