Roosevelt High’s historic postseason run brought back 50-year-old memories of last time Eagles flew to unprecedented heights

Their season ended on a bitterly cold night against Childress in 1971. For 50 years, though, it was the greatest football season in Roosevelt High School history until this year’s Eagles came within one game of playing for a state title. For the 1971 Eagles, the 2021 season brought back wonderful memories of a group … Continued

Texas Tech is doing just fine with Mark Adams … so when its former coach comes to town, silence will be golden

February 1 is on a lot of Texas Tech sports fans’ calendars. It’s the day fans can scream at Chris Beard for leaving Lubbock last spring to lead the Texas Longhorns men’s basketball program. The game’s sold out. People will boo, yell insults and hold up signs to protest Beard bailing on Texas Tech, Lubbock, … Continued

The Lubbock Mews – a libertarian approach to revitalizing Lubbock’s struggling neighborhoods

For Lubbockites who want to see the historic neighborhoods of our city revitalize, the rejection of the recent bond election has led to a challenging reality. It’s unfortunate absolutely essential road repair won’t happen. Along plans for downtown, the roads targeted were throughout the city in a fair distribution. Lubbock will now go the longest … Continued

Thoughts after watching magical kick: What Jonathan Garibay was thinking … perseverance … poor Longhorns … letting Pirate go … what is elite?

A bunch of random thoughts the day after: The magic returned to Jones AT&T Stadium. Those bad calls. Why it must really suck to be a Longhorn. Why you’ll die if you keep holding your breath waiting for the resurrection of the Pirate on the South Plains. What does elite mean? ‘We’ve got to throw … Continued

Brad Ralston’s building Red Feather Golf & Social Club in south Lubbock. It’s private, expensive … but you can bring your flip-flops

Picture above: Brad Ralston stands on what will be the 10th tee box at Red Feather. Judge Smails and Brad Ralston would not be golfing pals. Smails – from the movie “Caddyshack” – represented the stuffy, formal, rules-laden country club chief who’d melt on the spot if he saw Ralston’s vision for a chunk of … Continued

It’s long past time to share the well-endowed Texas PUF with more than two arrogant schools … Burrows, Perry take aim

In early 2007, then-new Texas Tech Chancellor Kent Hance visited the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal editorial board. I’d been editor a little more than six months. But I’d heard about the Permanent University Fund – the PUF – and asked Hance why it only benefitted the University of Texas and Texas A&M. Could that be changed? “Terry, … Continued

Tell your Council member better transparency needed on $56-million windfall so Lubbock doesn’t make another mistake

Lubbock’s City Council is about to decide how to use a $56 million-plus windfall from the American Rescue Plan Act. The dollars will be used to stimulate Lubbock’s economy and can fund a broad range of initiatives. During the next Council meeting on the 13th, they will determine how much citizen input they’ll allow as … Continued

Vote to save lives starting Monday

Jim Baxa wrote this piece in 2019. Since then, a measure to outlaw abortion in Lubbock is on the May 1 ballot and early voting begins Monday, April 19. Lubbock should be a sanctuary city. No, I’m not talking about immigration. I am talking about abortion. Lubbock should be a sanctuary city for the unborn. … Continued

Lubbock’s tax on free speech: ‘We paid police $1,625 for security for that march; why pay if they were watching us anyway?’

March for Life participants had a myriad of reactions to the Lubbock Lights’ story that Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas had supplied the Lubbock Police Department with an intelligence dossier, a watch list, of participants and organizers of the January March for Life. Most notable is, “I’ll wear that with a badge of honor.” Several expressed disappointment … Continued

Planned Parenthood targeted pro-life protestors with watch list given to Lubbock Police Department before March for Life

Many Lubbock citizens have questioned the level of collusion between the city of Lubbock and Planned Parenthood and now documents obtained by the Sandstorm Scholar answer some questions, but raise even more: Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas gave the Lubbock Police Department a watch list targeting Pro-Life protestors before January’s March for Life. Police are … Continued

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