Moms doing important work of raising their kids need a break and support every now and then … MOPS, a faith-based support group is there to help

One of the presents first-time moms often receive is a little “milestones” calendar. It comes with stickers that celebrate things like, “Baby’s First Smile,” or “Baby’s First Tooth.” Modern editions have added ones like, “Baby Slept Through the Night,” showing the makers of these things are beginning to think like parents. But they need to … Continued

West Texas has seats at the table when it comes time to finish crafting a Farm Bill to ensure a strong, viable ag sector for West Texas and rural America

Now that the House and Senate have passed their respective versions of the Farm Bill, a bipartisan “conference committee” made up of both House and Senate members has been established to work out the differences between the two and send a final version to the president’s desk. Our mission is straightforward and clear: to establish … Continued

Commissioner message to voters: Let them eat crow!

Sheriff Kelly Rowe’s revelation last week that county commissioners have demanded he cut $2.53 million from last year’s $15.285 million budget may not have been the biggest shock of the week, but it in terms of ill-motives, it may rank as the outrage of the year. Six weeks into the budget process the sheriff was … Continued

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