Discussing abortion: With rally looming, one pro-life mother’s thoughts on family advocacy, loving those who disagree

The city of Lubbock is considering the possibility of becoming a Sanctuary City for the Unborn and a prayer rally is planned for 4 p.m. this Tuesday, Sept. 22, outside Citizens Tower, 1208 14th St. in Lubbock.   This issue raises many questions for the community, and it has raised many questions in my own heart … Continued

Life as a Sunday School teacher brings giggles, challenges, blessings

Blessed are the Sunday School teachers, especially those who work with preschoolers: for when they have answered 5,000 questions and fed everyone a snack, they shall emerge with great joy and sticky hands. My small church’s preschool Sunday School leader, Abigail, is on maternity leave and I, even I, am filling in for her. In … Continued

Call-out to Christians: Let’s keep Easter well … and here are lots of how-to ideas

OK, Christians. We need to talk. We need to make a bigger deal out of Easter. Don’t get me wrong: I’m super frustrated with the commercialization of holidays in our society. Do we really need funny green hats for St. Patrick’s Day, jack-o-lantern T-shirts for Halloween and heart-shaped throw pillows for Valentine’s Day? (Seriously, who … Continued

Tidy Marie Kondo doesn’t spark joy for me … but thought of being better organized makes me a tad euphoric

For me, Marie Kondo does not “spark joy.” The professional organizer’s cute, tiny face keeps popping up on my Facebook feed this month, no doubt due to her new Netflix show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” First, she was getting mentions from members of Lubbock’s Trading Up resale group who were inspired by Kondo to … Continued

Running a few minutes late? Not at all, because we live in the Lubbock Standard Time Zone where time will tell we’re having the time of our life

Lubbock needs new welcome signs. It’s not enough to inform drivers they are entering Lubbock. They don’t just need to know our population size as they speed into town. They must be warned when they enter our city, they also enter the Lubbock Standard Time Zone. Here’s the thing: Lubbock runs 10 minutes late. Here’s … Continued

Moms doing important work of raising their kids need a break and support every now and then … MOPS, a faith-based support group is there to help

One of the presents first-time moms often receive is a little “milestones” calendar. It comes with stickers that celebrate things like, “Baby’s First Smile,” or “Baby’s First Tooth.” Modern editions have added ones like, “Baby Slept Through the Night,” showing the makers of these things are beginning to think like parents. But they need to … Continued

An open letter to Crayola: One stay-at-home-mom’s thoughts

Dear Crayola: On behalf of myself and all parents of small children, thank you for making nontoxic, washable art products. Your invention is outmatched only by your foresight. It’s like you knew my son Henry, age 1, would walk into the house one day last month eating a stick of sidewalk chalk as if it … Continued