Constable Barnes’ antics reach new heights … and depths

It is easy to make fun of constables who parade around the county costumed like Third World dictators. There’s no doubt, their antics on the highways are exciting, albeit expensive to the county. But Constable Jody “Barney” Barnes has taken the entertainment to new heights. Helicopter heights. Barnes became the first Lubbock County law enforcement … Continued

How did we get here? Robert Duncan takes path of greatest dignity in differences with Texas Tech’s Board of Regents

How did we get here? How did Texas Tech University regents transition from talking about whether to renew a contract to Chancellor Bob Duncan resigning? Bob Duncan is one of our own. As our home-grown favorite son he represents the best aspirations of a university charged with preparing young women and men for success. And … Continued

Commissioner message to voters: Let them eat crow!

Sheriff Kelly Rowe’s revelation last week that county commissioners have demanded he cut $2.53 million from last year’s $15.285 million budget may not have been the biggest shock of the week, but it in terms of ill-motives, it may rank as the outrage of the year. Six weeks into the budget process the sheriff was … Continued

Yes, I’m being catty in defense of 4th of July fireworks and don’t dog me about my argument, we’re creating a nation of victims

I don’t buy fireworks. I did as a kid. I lived in the country and I still remember shooting bottle rockets at 2 a.m. over Danny Wright’s house a half mile down the road. Mr. Wright, Danny’s dad, walked outside and ratcheted a round into the chamber of a shotgun. Unless you’ve been fifteen and … Continued

Lubbock Republicans say the oath of office matters

Few will note last Thursday night as significant but it may prove to be a seminal moment for the Lubbock County Republican Party: the night it voted unanimously to initiate removal proceedings against an elected Republican constable. Precinct 4 Constable C.J. Peterson was arrested in the early morning hours of May 6 for suspicion of … Continued

Democrats abandon agriculture while media buries the lede

Last week the most important piece of legislation for this region went down in defeat when the House voted down the Farm Bill 215-198. If you read the Associated Press headline and story, you might think it was House Republicans who killed the Farm Bill with words like “conservative revolt” embedded in the headline. In … Continued

Who we are … and what to expect

It was about this time one year ago Carl Tepper invited Terry Greenberg and me to lunch to discuss a website featuring commentary mirroring the prevailing political views in Lubbock and West Texas. Carl’s vision was to establish a voice reflecting the vast majority of Lubbock citizens and voters.  A group of Lubbock investors were … Continued