Lubbock’s tax on free speech: ‘We paid police $1,625 for security for that march; why pay if they were watching us anyway?’

March for Life participants had a myriad of reactions to the Lubbock Lights’ story that Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas had supplied the Lubbock Police Department with an intelligence dossier, a watch list, of participants and organizers of the January March for Life. Most notable is, “I’ll wear that with a badge of honor.” Several expressed disappointment … Continued

Planned Parenthood targeted pro-life protestors with watch list given to Lubbock Police Department before March for Life

Many Lubbock citizens have questioned the level of collusion between the city of Lubbock and Planned Parenthood and now documents obtained by the Sandstorm Scholar answer some questions, but raise even more: Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas gave the Lubbock Police Department a watch list targeting Pro-Life protestors before January’s March for Life. Police are … Continued

Pratt on Texas did ‘right’ well

Conservatives across Texas were shocked last month when KFYO suddenly and unceremoniously dumped the Pratt on Texas show. People are still shaking their heads wondering what happened. Texas conservatives have lost a significant voice. No one really knows why or what happened. Pratt has opinions. Of course, that’s why we listened to Pratt, he always has … Continued

Will the real Dan Pope please stand up? An aspirational endorsement

With Lubbock’s May municipal elections moved to November, a change forced by COVID-19, two-term Mayor Dan Pope suddenly finds himself in a frighteningly close race with an unknown party disc jockey who has stolen valor issues and an inconsistent political track record. Given the lack of name ID, exaggeration of his military record and minimal … Continued

What is Shelley Luther hiding?

What is Shelley Luther hiding? Nothing, according to Shelley Luther; let’s make that clear at the outset. We talked with the beauty shop operator turned Senate District 30 aspirant today, just eight days before the special election. Luther answered with no hesitation a question about whether she’d ever been fired from a public school district. … Continued

Republican Chair West sees first test: Rep. Lyle Larson declares war on the party

Republican malcontent state representative Lyle Larson (R-San Antonio) just published to Twitter an editorial in the Galveston County Daily News under the headline We Need to Get Rid of the Two Party System. And while it wouldn’t merit notice ordinarily, as not much attention is usually paid to a state rep’s op-ed pieces, this one … Continued

Just up Highway 385 …

Mount Rushmore National Memorial has long been a bucket list thing for me. Those lists, allegedly compiled by people of a certain age, were, in reality, chiseled in stone decades ago by the dedicated work of elementary school social studies teachers, with the final flourishes applied in senior civics class and by a myriad of … Continued

I don’t want the kids afraid to play … a life lesson in permissive parenting

As parents and children engage each other in new and potentially rewarding ways, one hears so many stories from newly formed “schools” in every home that one could run a regular column on the anecdotes from parents who have now assumed the role of parent, principal and professor all in one. One “school principal” reported … Continued

Pope’s Politburo: Is this America?

A politburo (/ˈpɒlɪtbjʊəroʊ/) or political bureau is the executive committee for communist parties.[1] It is present in most former and existing communist states (Wikipedia). After consulting with no one before closing Lubbock six weeks ago, Mayor Dan Pope has decided a committee of 20 are necessary to decide when and how to open Lubbock. Their … Continued

Enough is enough … let Lubbock work

2020 will forever be remembered as the year we were told to go home, so long as we had a home, and starve in order to save ourselves. Hyperbole? Sure. But it’s close enough. By the end of this month we will have seen what is likely to be the largest cumulative loss of wealth … Continued

Constable Barnes offers free ‘can shooter’ training: ‘Mexicans and Africans’

(Or, why commissioners must not fund deputies for constables) The Sandstorm Scholar has already noted Jody Barnes’ proclivity for language most find abhorrent. That incident took place before Barnes was elected Constable Precinct 2. However Constable Barnes is no better an actor than citizen Barnes. His penchant for bigoted speech hasn’t changed. The complete story is … Continued

Worthless kids … or, how do you like my pickup now?

Several months ago some kids moved-in up the block and they’ve been zooming up and down the boulevard in pickups with loud mufflers ever since. It’s a genuine hazard. I’m not sure what to do about it. Worthless kids. You know the type. You can’t call the police over these things; it’s too much to … Continued

No county transparency demands a NO vote on Prop A

It was December of 2016 when State Senator Charles Perry addressed Lubbock County Commissioners about the need to improve Woodrow Road. Perry came armed with suggestions on how to fund the improvements necessary to make Woodrow Road safer. The commissioners politely ignored the senator and instead voted to spend $6 million, more than enough to … Continued

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