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Guest Columnist Archives - Lubbock Lights

We’re going the wrong way on reducing federal deficit … it’s well-past time to call a Convention of States

This article was first published on on Sept. 7. Contrary to the assertions made by the Biden administration and some congressional leaders, our federal fiscal outlook is becoming substantially worse, as this administration is proposing to engage in an unprecedented and unconstitutional action in connection with student loans. To restore fiscal responsibility and stave … Continued

The Lubbock Mews – a libertarian approach to revitalizing Lubbock’s struggling neighborhoods

For Lubbockites who want to see the historic neighborhoods of our city revitalize, the rejection of the recent bond election has led to a challenging reality. It’s unfortunate absolutely essential road repair won’t happen. Along plans for downtown, the roads targeted were throughout the city in a fair distribution. Lubbock will now go the longest … Continued

Tell your Council member better transparency needed on $56-million windfall so Lubbock doesn’t make another mistake

Lubbock’s City Council is about to decide how to use a $56 million-plus windfall from the American Rescue Plan Act. The dollars will be used to stimulate Lubbock’s economy and can fund a broad range of initiatives. During the next Council meeting on the 13th, they will determine how much citizen input they’ll allow as … Continued

Vote to save lives starting Monday

Jim Baxa wrote this piece in 2019. Since then, a measure to outlaw abortion in Lubbock is on the May 1 ballot and early voting begins Monday, April 19. Lubbock should be a sanctuary city. No, I’m not talking about immigration. I am talking about abortion. Lubbock should be a sanctuary city for the unborn. … Continued

Moving LP&L to ERCOT grid was right choice for Lubbock

I served on the Electric Utility Board of LP&L during the critical time when the board made the decision to move LP&L into the ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) grid. The decision was made to purchase power from producers in ERCOT rather than build our own power plant and stay in the SPP       (Southwest … Continued

I’m a proud West Texas Republican and shocked by True Texas Project’s insulting tone at meeting, later directly from its CEO

I’ve been actively involved with the Lubbock County Repulican Party for a number of years now. I support America’s conservative values … such as limited government involvement, values of faith and family, free-enterprise spirit and its Pro-Life mission. While campaigning for President Trump and our state and local legislators last year, I got elected as … Continued

True Texas Project: The Purge (political edition)

I attended the meeting of a group called True Texas Project in North Lubbock last night (Monday Feb 8th). Pretty much a remake of a movie I’ve seen before. Libertarian and Tea Party style groups pop up every Democratic presidency and are usually followed by traveling individuals with lessons about the Constitution and American History … Continued

A conservative case for student loan forgiveness

Had a long discussion about student loans recently, as several Democratic candidates are floating the idea of loan forgiveness. My friend started from the standard Republican position of, “If you took a loan you are responsible for paying it back. Screw these spoiled kids who want something for nothing!” I used to think this way, … Continued

Y’all have questions about Lubbock County Expo Center … let’s talk answers

A few weeks ago on Lubbock Lights, questions were asked about the Lubbock County Expo Center project, which would appreciate your yes vote on Prop. A in the upcoming election. Early voting begins Oct. 22 and Election Day is Nov. 6. Before I answer those questions and others we’ve heard, please let me tell you … Continued

Lubbock County Expo Center: We will answer all questions before early voting

As Chairman of the Lubbock County Expo Center Steering Committee (LCEC), and I’d like to take the time to point out a few key factors about our project – and in reflection of a recent Lubbock Lights article.  First, I’d like to commend Lubbock Lights on putting the discussion before you. The LCEC supports a … Continued

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