A conservative case for student loan forgiveness

Had a long discussion about student loans recently, as several Democratic candidates are floating the idea of loan forgiveness. My friend started from the standard Republican position of, “If you took a loan you are responsible for paying it back. Screw these spoiled kids who want something for nothing!” I used to think this way, … Continued

Y’all have questions about Lubbock County Expo Center … let’s talk answers

A few weeks ago on Lubbock Lights, questions were asked about the Lubbock County Expo Center project, which would appreciate your yes vote on Prop. A in the upcoming election. Early voting begins Oct. 22 and Election Day is Nov. 6. Before I answer those questions and others we’ve heard, please let me tell you … Continued

Lubbock County Expo Center: We will answer all questions before early voting

As Chairman of the Lubbock County Expo Center Steering Committee (LCEC), and I’d like to take the time to point out a few key factors about our project – and in reflection of a recent Lubbock Lights article.  First, I’d like to commend Lubbock Lights on putting the discussion before you. The LCEC supports a … Continued

There are fewer school shootings now than during 1990s

[Editor’s  note: This article, authored by  Ryan McMaken , was published March 1, on  Mises Institute website  and is used here  with permission. I believe it is timely and submit it for your consideration –LSM]. Now that I have several children, I’m often in the company of other parents who talk about the way things “used to be.” … Continued

Should you see ‘RBG’ movie? Here’s a dissenting opinion

The movie “RBG” about Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg plays into next week at Alamo Drafthouse. Is it worth seeing? In an earlier Lubbock Lights column, Terry Greenberg said yes. Carl Tepper, former Lubbock County Republican chairman as a different opinion. It figures the showing of “RBG” I went to was the one … Continued