I’m a proud West Texas Republican and shocked by True Texas Project’s insulting tone at meeting, later directly from its CEO

I’ve been actively involved with the Lubbock County Repulican Party for a number of years now. I support America’s conservative values … such as limited government involvement, values of faith and family, free-enterprise spirit and its Pro-Life mission. While campaigning for President Trump and our state and local legislators last year, I got elected as … Continued

True Texas Project: The Purge (political edition)

I attended the meeting of a group called True Texas Project in North Lubbock last night (Monday Feb 8th). Pretty much a remake of a movie I’ve seen before. Libertarian and Tea Party style groups pop up every Democratic presidency and are usually followed by traveling individuals with lessons about the Constitution and American History … Continued

A conservative case for student loan forgiveness

Had a long discussion about student loans recently, as several Democratic candidates are floating the idea of loan forgiveness. My friend started from the standard Republican position of, “If you took a loan you are responsible for paying it back. Screw these spoiled kids who want something for nothing!” I used to think this way, … Continued

Y’all have questions about Lubbock County Expo Center … let’s talk answers

A few weeks ago on Lubbock Lights, questions were asked about the Lubbock County Expo Center project, which would appreciate your yes vote on Prop. A in the upcoming election. Early voting begins Oct. 22 and Election Day is Nov. 6. Before I answer those questions and others we’ve heard, please let me tell you … Continued

Lubbock County Expo Center: We will answer all questions before early voting

As Chairman of the Lubbock County Expo Center Steering Committee (LCEC), and I’d like to take the time to point out a few key factors about our project – and in reflection of a recent Lubbock Lights article.  First, I’d like to commend Lubbock Lights on putting the discussion before you. The LCEC supports a … Continued